09 December 2009

Spam spam eggs bacon spam beans and spam

{∀x | x  ∈ {people}: x.stupid() = True}

If that doesn't make any sense, my point is that it is nearly midnight on Wednesday, and as is wont to be the case at midnight on a Wednesday, my Python homework is still not done. Perhaps because I am lazy, or because the programmer I keep in the closet was on strike, or because I am rather impossibly near-sighted as far as Time goes, or because I suffer from an infectious, chronic and often deadly disease called Procrastination. It takes me at least 2 hours on my own to begin getting my head around the problems. I do not take these two hours until it is too late, and when 6 more are required (I am not quick), I am too tired. Like in my programs, my memory gets overwritten as soon as another week starts (my weeks start on Saturdays, it seems), and so each week I forget that I am not a Python genius and probably never will be unless I start taking those 2 hours on Fridays. Starting this Friday. (I hope.) Failing that, I will make this my New Year's Resolution. We all know how those are always hugely successful.

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