25 March 2011

Why not?

The weather was perfect today. I felt like jumping and singing while walking from one end of college to the other. I did so. (Whenever I could do so without my lunacy becoming conspicuous.)

We are only two in our Second Language Acquisition course. We both like perfect weather, and agreeing that our professor probably did too, we asked to have our class outside. "Why not? Let's go to the Rose Garden." And so for an hour I sat in the fading but warm sun, learning about the shortcomings of the Critical Period Hypothesis, watching through my optimistically tinted lenses my professor's white hair becoming tousled by the wind against the cheery red backdrop of a prolifically flowering shrub. And this just after an hour of sipping a cappuccino and devouring a spicy salami and provolone panini on the grass, in the sunshine, in the company of my favorite Gearóid. And that after having the pleasure of meeting the lovely new lurb of my favorite Louise. And that after a brilliant, satisfying nap with the window open. Und es war gut.

Even AI seemed alright after the strong dose of fresh air. Good day.

Modal particle meets Sleepless in Seattle

...manchmal lohnt es sich nicht. Aber manchmal geht man trotz der großen Unsicherheit das Empire State Building hoch, ohne zu wissen, was man da erwarten sollte...und dann hat es sich allemal gelohnt.

Danke Christin, dass Du sogar in der viel zu frühen Übersetzungsstunde tolle Beispiele ausdenken kannst!