09 December 2009

Spam spam eggs bacon spam beans and spam

{∀x | x  ∈ {people}: x.stupid() = True}

If that doesn't make any sense, my point is that it is nearly midnight on Wednesday, and as is wont to be the case at midnight on a Wednesday, my Python homework is still not done. Perhaps because I am lazy, or because the programmer I keep in the closet was on strike, or because I am rather impossibly near-sighted as far as Time goes, or because I suffer from an infectious, chronic and often deadly disease called Procrastination. It takes me at least 2 hours on my own to begin getting my head around the problems. I do not take these two hours until it is too late, and when 6 more are required (I am not quick), I am too tired. Like in my programs, my memory gets overwritten as soon as another week starts (my weeks start on Saturdays, it seems), and so each week I forget that I am not a Python genius and probably never will be unless I start taking those 2 hours on Fridays. Starting this Friday. (I hope.) Failing that, I will make this my New Year's Resolution. We all know how those are always hugely successful.

06 December 2009

Recent YouTube finding (not mine, alas): It doesn't get cuter than this...

This flannel bathrobe makes me comfier than thou.

And so it begins...

...the only way it really can begin: at 3 in the morning. It's always bothered me that the details of our lives tend to steal away into the Land of Forgotten Things just as easily and inconspicuously as lonely socks disappear forever and without explanation from the laundry basket. These dust bunnies of the individual's memory go unacknowledged despite their infinite abundance. Without each of these transient moments, however insignificant, our history is slightly less complete. In a way, we ourselves are slightly less complete. At 19, I already fear the impending dilapidation of my own mind. By scattering my thoughts in a net of other minds and machines, I hope to escape the unreliability of human memory. Hence Blog.